More than just a place to live, say "hello" to a new experience in living together.

We all have a story to tell... Coliving at Bikube means imagining each space as an open page, ready to welcome the tales of those who pass and those who stay. The walls whisper stories and laughter becomes symphony. A pause. A wink at a moment in life.

Stay at Bikube

Our residences open up space for you. Here, you're at home everywhere! And it's not just a "simple" apartment. We've thought of everything to make your experience as convivial, rich and innovative as possible. Find your place. Take your time. Catch the wave as it comes, and the place fits the moment.

Long stay: 1 month or more

At home, together, like nowhere else. Join a new way of life: more flexible, more collaborative and more inspiring. Bikube-style coliving opens the door to a new social experience where everyone is free to reveal themselves.

Medium stay: 1 week to 1 month

Short stay: 1 to 6 nights

Restaurant & bar

Embark on a gustatory and multicultural voyage to the heart of Europe's sunniest countries! A glass, a plate, the sun at your fingertips. Our restaurants and bars welcome you to share delicious moments of convivial Mediterranean cuisine.


Bikube is a new way of living and working. An inspiring place to bring all your ideas to life, and an atmosphere that will set the pace for your days. Whether you're just passing through or a regular visitor, one thing's for sure: you'll love coming here.


It's when the sun begins to wane that the energy is reborn - a refreshing second wind that invites you to explore again and again. With its concerts and events, the present moment is intensely alive at Bikube.


Questions / Answers

What's the concept?

A Bikube residence is like a Lego with furnished accommodation, a host of services, communal areas (restaurant, coworking space, fitness area...), more intimate spaces shared between neighbors, events and a "smile extra" team.

How do I book an apartment?

What services do you offer?

How long can we stay?

What's the opening date?