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Bikube Montpellier46 boulevard de Strasbourg

Our Coliving residence in Montpellier

Discover a new way of living in Montpellier with our coliving residence!

A stimulating and inspiring place to live, where the residential experience is reinvented and centered on community and services. When you move into the Bikube coliving residence, you'll enjoy a private apartment all to yourself, living spaces and services shared with your upstairs neighbors, in the heart of an environment where everything has been designed to simplify your daily life. Like a beehive, the residence vibrates at all hours thanks to the many uses it offers: a restaurant, a coworking space... At the heart of the urban jungle, nature beckons, revealing a magnificent garden at the heart of the block, as well as a planted rooftop.

So, are you ready to experience a new art of living?

Your furnished apartment in coliving

Surface area of 18m²
Surface area of 18m²

T1 Classic

  • 160x200cm bed with ultra premium mattress

  • Closet/wardrobe/bed with storage space

  • Fully equipped kitchenette

  • Dining area/office

  • Private bathroom with shower and WC

  • Connected TV

  • High-speed WiFi

  • Magnetic card access

  • Air cooling

Why you will love living in this apartment

Because every adventure needs its own comfort zone, we've designed this apartment as a warm cocoon in which to curl up after a long day. Welcoming, well-appointed and functional: it ticks all the essential boxes. In the four corners of this furnished studio, you'll find clever storage units, ready to accommodate everything you need to tell your story. As an extension of this 100% private space, your "home away from home" opens onto coliving: an extra 100m² of comfort, space and entertainment, to share with your next-door neighbors.


Welcome to your home! Yes, your home ;) Coliving is an integral part of your home, an extension of your private apartment. Here, you share the space with your floor community. With an average surface area of 100m², always proportional to the number of residents on your floor, coliving complements your personal cocoon.

Designed for the lifestyles of today's young professionals, it offers you shared space and facilities when you need them, and entertainment and conviviality when you want it. Access is secure, reserved exclusively for neighbors on your floor, and inaccessible to Bikube's external clientele. And because this living space is yours and should be just like you, you can even choose the decor from among the 3 ambiances on offer! So it's just like being at home, isn't it?

A comfortable living room

Just like the family living room, the coliving area is a lounge where comfort is king: sofas, cosy seats and cushions, soft plaid... In terms of equipment, you have a large connected TV with access to Netflix, a sound system and a vinyl turntable, ideal for always having the best atmosphere in the background.

A fully equipped kitchen


YELLOW. Just chill

♫ Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

On the Yellow floor, you may well have to wear glasses. Here, everything is brighter, happier, retro, sunnier. Sometimes it's as simple as a phrase in the air that gives hope, a seventies cameo of yellow-orange that captures the perfect end to the day... What's certain is that positivity is contagious. Here, you'll squint your eyes in delight, and let yourself be contaminated by vintage joie de vivre, Californian chill and universal cool. Welcome home!

GREEN. Stay zen

PINK. Let's rock


The coliving experience imagined by Bikube doesn't simply stop at spaces. It's lived intensely, everywhere and everywhere else. In the kitchen, when Julie shares her grandmother's traditional doughnut recipe. At home, when you see the phone charger and realize it's the one Guillaume lent you. Out and about, when the film Marc was talking about finally hits the cinema.

Bikube offers a complete range of services to ensure you get the very best out of this experience of living together. Included or à la carte, they're the icing on the cake.


The light bulb goes on, the idea arises. A place to isolate yourself in a group. Each to his own way of thinking.

Fitness area

Winners find ways, losers find excuses."



A space open to the sky.

High-speed WiFi

A link to the world, the one that brings people together. Sharing, a reliable connection to be together.

Mobile application

Residence life, events, services... It's child's play to control everything.


Cultural, musical and much more. Ask for the program!

Hospitality Manager

A helping hand at any time of the day or night.

Mail and parcel management

Validate your baskets with peace of mind. Your parcels will be waiting at reception for you to pick them up.

Loan of household equipment

Cleaning has never been so easy.

Maintenance and minor repairs

To say goodbye to the little worries of everyday life. We chase away breakdowns and bad moods.


Monitored access, videophone and connected locks. Because feeling at home means feeling safe.

Shared vegetable garden

For those with a green thumb and those who wish they had.

À la carte
Entertainment and sports courses

Fitness, yoga, cupcake tutorials, upcycling workshops, there's no shortage of ideas. Sky is the limit !

Bar / Restaurant

Drink, eat, enjoy. At the table or on the go, the choice is yours!


On the spot, or to take away for a good start to the day.

Linen rental

The promise of nights in beautiful sheets.


Abracadabra, the magic happens! Clean up your home.


Laundry has never been so satisfying.


Subject to availability.

Electric charging stations

Because your vehicles also have the right to be plugged in!


Located in the heart of the lively and dynamic Saint-Roch district, the Bikube Montpellier coliving residence benefits from immediate proximity to Montpellier's hyper-center. Its central location offers an urban lifestyle where all amenities are within easy reach on foot or by public transport.

The Bikube residence in Montpellier is bordered by tramway line 3, which serves the city center and train station on one side and the beaches on the other, passing through the Port-Marianne district, the famous Halles du Lez and the Sud de France exhibition center.


"We're no longer just looking to occupy an apartment, we want to be part of a community, to adhere to an art of living where the provision of services and shared spaces enable us to enrich everyday life."

Emilie Schlageter, Bikube Project Manager


What is coliving?

Originating in the United States and initially aimed at start-ups and self-employed workers, coliving is a housing option that is becoming increasingly popular in France's large, dynamic cities. Halfway between a shared apartment and a hotel flat, coliving offers a private living space combined with common areas to be shared as a community. In many cases, a range of services available within the building also simplifies daily life and creates a convivial atmosphere.

Why coliving in Montpellier?

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